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Les Fils de Teuhpu – 2008-11-24 Kassel   Leave a comment

Les Fils de Teuhpu – 2008-11-24 Kassel

Les Fils de Teuhpu – Live @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kassel, Germany, 2008-11-24

Brass-Ska-Swing madness from France.

Lineage: Zoom H4 with t.bone st40 -> Adobe Audition -> wav -> Flac Frontend level 8 -> flac
Good sound quality


18 tracks.

Time: 104:38

Tenor Sax, Vocals
Trombone, Vocals
Trumpet, Vocals
Bamjo, Guitar, Vocals
Tuba, Bucket Bass, Shovel Bass

band website
on myspace

zip file 1 266mb. MD5: 6a8e76fcb41b5bac86e128f753f41443
zip file 2 293mb. MD5: 4cbb87dba681db207a8425b3c35c0fb5
with flacs, md5 and info.

uuughhtapes #68


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