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Karpatt – 2010-05-29 Kassel   Leave a comment

Karpatt – 2010-05-29 Kassel

Karpatt – Live @ Frühlingsfest [Spring Festival] of Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kassel, Germany, 2010-05-29

Rock Chansons with several influences from Paris, France.

Lineage: Zoom H4 with ECM-719 -> Audition -> wav -> Flac Frontend level 8 -> flac

Good sound quality, although this was an outdoor event.



01 Fan de maman
02 J’ai fait d’la place
03 Histoire de famille
04 Un p’tit coup
05 Un p’tit coup (unplugged reprise)
06 Des gouttes
07 Vas y la mère
08 La mouche
09 German improvisation
10 Soulève ta jupe
11 Encore break > Merch announcment > Band introduction
12 Ma suedoise ma chanson
13 Lino

Time: 79:02

karpatt on myspace

zip file with flacs, md5 and info, 421mb. MD5: 68b9dc1aad67a82113591d862d8b089c

a special edit of the incredible version of ‘Vas y la mère’ from this show as flac file, 35mb. MD5: 8ef06a0402be2e0236a0fae171fbee50

uuughhtapes #109


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Enzo Avitabile & Bottari – 2007-07-19 Kassel   Leave a comment

Enzo Avitabile & Bottari – 2007-07-19 Kassel

Enzo Avitabile & Bottari – Live @ Kulturzelt, Kassel, Germany, 2007-07-19.

Folk World Funk from the region of Neapel, South Italy, featuring traditional drumming on vine vats (-> Bottari).

Lineage: AUD -> Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH600 PCM-mode with ECM-719 -> Sonic Stage -> Cool Edit -> wav -> Flac Frontend -> flac
Good sound quality.


14 tracks.

01 Bottari intro
08 Tarantella
10 Bass & Drum solo
14 (cuts after 9:44 ‘cos disc was full)
[15 Last encore is missing]

Time: 93:54

A technical note:
The instruments line-up is:
Vocals + Saxophone (Enzo Avitabile)
Tenor Saxophone
Big Bottari
Big Bottari
Small Bottari
Small Bottari
Small Bottari, Vocals
Bottari Conductor, Tambourine
Everything except the bottaris was electronical picked-up, so they sound in this recording not as eminent as they do live in the venue.

enzo avitabile website
on myspace

zip file 1 246mb. MD5: a3fdb965f68e22304d57d760c6b86efa
zip file 2 282mb. MD5: 58501e83c848fc1d2e21636e38cc2ddd
with flacs, md5 and info.

uuughhtapes #34

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Willard Grant Conspiracy – 2009-09-30 Kassel   Leave a comment

Willard Grant Conspiracy – 2009-09-30 Kassel

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Live @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Kassel, Germany, 2009-09-30

Folk from Boston and Scottland.

Lineage: Zoom H4 with t.bone st40 -> Adobe Audition -> wav -> Flac Frontend level 8 -> flac
Good sound quality



01. intro
02. Drunkard’s Prayer
03. Notes from the Waiting Room
04. Vespers
05. Ghost of the Girl in the Well
06. Soft Hand
07. This Rotten Tree (Walkabouts cover)
08. The Trials of Harrison Hayes
09. Massachusetts
10. Ballad of John Parker [just Robert Fisher on Vocals, without a microphone, no instruments or electronics at all]
11. Day is Past and Gone
12. Fare Thee Well
13. Scars
14. Painter Blue
15. No Such Thing as Clean
16. Evening Mass
17. Lady of the Snowline

Time: 77:36

Robert Fisher – Vocals, Accoustic Guitar
Paul Tasker – Accoustic & Electric Guitar
David Michael Curry – Violin, Saw

band website
on myspace

zip file with flacs, md5 and info, 381mb. MD5: 1506529c74bb3a0f2de3f066949ca80e

uuughhtapes #95

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