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Firewater – 2008-04-25 Hannover   Leave a comment

Firewater – 2008-04-25 Hannover

Firewater – Live @ CafĂ© Glocksee, Hannover, Germany, 2008-04-25

Lineage: Zoom H4 with t.bone st40 -> Cool Edit -> wav -> Flac Frontend level 8 -> flac

Gypsie Rock with the spirit of Punk from NY, Tel Aviv, London and Denpasar.

FIREWATER – risen from 3 years of coma! Ex-Cop Shoot Cop frontman Tod A is back from a 3 year journey to Asia and Near East, with new Band and new Music!


Setlist (including the complete new album ‘The Golden Hour’):

01 Dark days indeed
02 Hey Clown
03 Feels like the end the world
04 Bhangra Bros.
05 Already gone
06 6:45
07 Borneo
08 Some strange reaction
09 Electric city
10 Some kind of kindness
11 Weird to be back
12 Paradise
13 A place not so unkind
14 This is my life
15 Get out of my head
16 Three-legged dog

Time: 91:56

Tod A – Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Reut Regev – Trombone, Percussion, BVoc
Johnny Kalsi – Percussion
Jean-Marc Butti – Drums
Uri Kinrot – Guitar
Erik Sanko – Bass, BVoc
Simone Aubert – Percussion on ‘Borneo’

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zip file 1 279mb. MD5: 2653d02570057fd648e0d11903ff83b0
zip file 2 240mb. MD5: 37b9aa8603712434043f7910c84d65f1
with flacs, artwork, md5 and info.

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